and when it is done well, it can have a beautiful ripple effect. When this time around the table is missing, communities are left with a void, and families can feel isolated and without connection. It is our deepest desire to see celebration brought back to the table, and the fruits of that in our communities.

Kayty identifies strongly with her Italian roots (even though she is the smallest percentage of Italian when it comes to heritage.) She loves writing, anything creative and really dark chocolate. She finds that she comes to life through creativity and lives by the motto “messy bun, getting stuff done.”

Colby comes alive outdoors! With a love for the woods and anything active he makes the most of all of New England’s changing seasons! He’s come to love all things antipasto while still holding on to his love for trucks and sports! He is the brains, and muscles behind Gather!

Together they make a strong team and they are so excited to have you joining in their journey! 

At Gather, we have a passion for 

We believe                                 
is a critical human need

Gather Owners Kayty and Colby are college sweethearts and have been married since 2015. They spent their first 3.5 years of marriage in Chaing Mai Thailand utilizing their backgrounds in criminal Justice and social work to work in the area of anti-trafficking and child exploitation. The vision of Gather birthed during their time abroad and they were faced with the difficult decision to stay in Thailand or come back to pursue the business. Since moving back, It’s their heart to move forward full steam ahead while supporting the work they become so passionate about financially through Gather’s model. 


intentional living


everyday hospitality

having faced our own barriers with opening doors and filling tables. Some of us have struggled with not knowing what to serve, others with not being confident in our hosting spaces, and still others simply don’t know what to do to cultivate quality interactions. This combined with dietary restrictions of guests can make honoring and valuing each individual most arduous. There’s beauty in bringing people together, but naturally there are conflicting mindsets that can often lead to difficult conversation. If not handled well, these divisive conversations can ultimately detract from the Joie de vivre that typifies gathering.

We know what it's like

to be lonely

and without community


time around the table

we believe

is a critical human need

 kayty and colby

our table

welcome to

equipping hosts with the skills they need to 

open their doors and

fill their tables


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