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Weeknight Enchiladas w/ Honey Lime Slaw

Yields1 Serving

Chicken Enchiladas
 2 Siete Brand Red Enchilada Sauce (having more on hand never hurt!)
 10 8-10 Gluten free or grain free tortillas of choice
 3 cups Cheddar Cheese of choice. (we recommend daiya or violife brand for dairy free)
 4 cups Shredded chicken (from 1 rotisserie chicken or freshly cooked)
Honey Lime Slaw
 16 oz shredded slaw mix(preferably one with kale, brussel sprout etc. traditional is fine if that’s all you have access too!
 ¼ cup fresh lime/lemon juice
 ¼ cup olive oil
 1 tsp paprika
 2 tsp minced garlic
 3 tbsp honey
 ½ cup finely chopped cilantro
 ½ tsp salt
 Sour Cream (Kite Hill brand for plant based)
 Salsa (We like Late July brand)
 Fresh Cilantro

Test your wraps, if they are stiff, heat up in the microwave for 10-20 seconds until they are pliable


Mix your shredded chicken and ¼-½ cup of the enchilada sauce until just coated. Mix in 2 cups of the shredded cheddar. The incredible thing about this recipe is you can add whatever else you’d like to change the flavor! Sauteed spinach and garlic, peppers and onions, the sky is the limit!


Prepare your large skillet with ½ cup of the enchilada sauce just to coat the bottom so the enchiladas don’t stick.


Lay the tortilla flat and place a heaping ¼ cup of the mixture into the center of the wrap and roll until fully wrapped leaving the sides exposed, not tucked in like a burrito. Place the part where the wrap opens on the bottom so it doesn’t unfold while cooking. Repeat until you run out of mixture or wraps!


Top the enchiladas with the remaining sauce and use a spatula to make sure the wraps are fully covered. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and put the lid on the pan. Cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes until sauce has thickened and cheese has melted.

To Style and Serve

Place finely chopped cilantro across the enchiladas in pan to add color. Serve with a slide of sour cream, salsa and Honey Lime Slaw (recipe below!) Enchiladas can be frozen and heated up at a later date. Slaw should always be made fresh.

Honey Lime Slaw

In a large bowl place all the wet ingredients. Stir together until well combined.

Mix in the slaw mix. Finely cut cilantro into small pieces, then add it in! Stir well!


Slaw should appear just coated with the dressing mix. As the salad sits it begins to wilt, you want to avoid having the dressing too “soupy” or it will get soggy especially with leftovers. If you find that it’s too dry add a few drizzles of olive oil as needed.