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I'm a true foodie, aspiring interior designer and believer that everyone has a powerful story to tell. We’ve created a space where leaders in culture gather to share their hearts and stories with the everyday host.

Our desire is that you take these intentionally compiled resources and use them as tools that inspire you to open your doors and fill your tables with people in your own community.

Our hope is that as you listen, you imagine that you’ve pulled up a seat at our table and have settled in as an integral part of our community.

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“If you want tips, how-to’s, directions on being a great host or great guest, this podcast is for you! There is heart behind each and every episode and I always enjoy the guests. Extra star for all the tips on how to accommodate any dietary needs for your guests as well!”
- Em Jackson 

“Kayty makes hosting into an attainable goal! This is a go to resource for me. A must must listen! Come learn how to open your heart to opening your home!”
-Sweet Scoops Celebrations

“Kayty and the team at Making Room have produced a high quality podcast, with a plethora of helpful information for anyone looking to grow in hospitality, creativity or in general desire to develop their wonder. Tuning in is a regular highlight of the week.”
-Rob G.

“Kayty is a breath of fresh air in the crowded world of podcasts. Every topic is timely and helpful. Great guests and so much common sense. It’s a place for relaxing and learning and even leaning into the uncomfortable a little bit. I’m trying new things with my hospitality and food and really love what Gather brings to the table. Highly recommend following!”
-Bfarms Pottery

“ I discovered this podcast last year after hearing Kayty speak on another podcast. I’m so glad I found this! Her episodes have encouraged me to make my home a fun, open gathering place for family, friends and new acquaintances…her podcasts also consider the more intangible aspects of entertaining like creating a safe space for meaningful connections and conversations.”

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