get your        meal time-planning guide!

get your        meal
time-planning guide!

We have a gift for you! 

Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling of not being able to get dinner on the table in time? How about not being able to spend time with your guests because cooking all your courses seems so chaotic?

This worksheet will help you plan backwards so that you know when to start, when you’ll finish and have the margin to embrace guests in the process! 

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I recently heard that one in three people are lactose intolerant, which is staggering! Hands up if you are the one in three! If you know my story with gluten, my story with dairy is similar. I always knew I felt better when I didn’t eat it and the older I got, my symptoms became […]

I was a nanny during college and I remember the family I worked for had a frother. I was cleaning up the dishes and I asked, “what is this.” The mom proceeded to get out some milk and showed me what it did and my world was forever changed. I realized in that moment that […]

Did you know that your words set your guests heart and gaze for the event? It’s easy to feel hospitality insecurity, culture tells us that we shouldn’t be confident unless…However our most common way to cope, is to cover our insecurities up with phrases and apologies that do everything except…cover them up! When we welcome […]

Since I was little (6 years old is probably my earliest memory) I can remember the “after pizza tummy ache” and the “too much dessert bloat.” In our culture, more often than not, we accept these symptoms as normal, for lack of a better word. My symptoms grew a little more prevalent as I got […]

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I was living in Thailand, longed for community, starting opening my door and filling my table. Now I’m living ‘charcuterie’ as a way of life and teaching what I learned about living intentionally everyday.


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