get your        meal time-planning guide!

get your        meal
time-planning guide!

We have a gift for you! 

Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling of not being able to get dinner on the table in time? How about not being able to spend time with your guests because cooking all your courses seems so chaotic?

This worksheet will help you plan backwards so that you know when to start, when you’ll finish and have the margin to embrace guests in the process! 

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If you are anything like me, you have an embarrassing (or impressive!) amount of pictures stored on your phone. Your notes section is likely the home of random thoughts to yourself mixed with important appointment information. These files turn into places that make us feel anything but organized. As we scramble from one app to […]

We had sliding glass doors on the front of our house. I walked out of the kitchen and caught a glimpse. There she was, one of my guests 20 minutes early! I took a quick look at the table, just to see everything piled up that I had hoped to top it with minutes later. […]

When I say the words, weeknight dinner planning, does it give you a pit in your stomach? Whether busy weeknights for you look like  a battle with decision fatigue OR that you want to make cooking easier but that the meal prep craze, with once a week cooking is just not something you enjoy. Cassy […]

Fall is here! While I am finding I am in disbelief that summer is behind us, there is one thing that I can absolutely buy into…FULL TIME pumpkin spice obsession for the next 3 months. I have always been a bit extra when it comes to fall, I’m the first to admit it. I can […]

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