We’ve all seen a movie when someone comes home for the holidays and is asked, “So, Where’s your boyfriend”. As viewers, it always makes us cringe. Why? Because we know that the approach wasn’t exactly the greatest & that there’s a bigger story at play!  Kat Harris, author and relationship coach, walks us through […]

Just wanted to start off by making sure you know that this conversation is NOT to convince you to be sober. In fact, I drink wine! So what is this conversation? One that will equip YOU with conversation and drinks to support those are your table that are living alcohol free.  If we’re honest, most […]

Maine Crisp Owner Karen Getz has had a long journey with food. From Coast to Coast her journey learning the importance of ingredients with integrity lead her to Maine where she now has founded and operates Maine Crisp . Bringing decadence and innovation to the industry, Maine crisp brings you a crunchy, sweet, gluten free […]

Friendship is equally one of the sweetest and most complex areas of our lives. In my conversation today with Phina & Ruthie we discuss not only why friendships are so critical but how we navigate them in our own lives. Its easy to let friendships take the back seat, but what would it look like […]

Have you felt like you don’t have the energy to host? Do you feel that your symptoms or illness effect your relationships? If you’ve never thought about the connection between health and hospitality, today is going to be a very empowering day! Gather owner, Kayty, shares her journey with illness and how it negatively effected […]

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I was living in Thailand, longed for community, starting opening my door and filling my table. Now I’m living ‘charcuterie’ as a way of life and teaching what I learned about living intentionally everyday.


equipping hosts with the skills they need to 

open their doors and

fill their tables


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