Intentional Living

Intentional Living

There’s beauty in rest. In waiting, in risk. In stopping, in dreaming to get a glimpse. Of the real story, the real calling. The real motives of our outpouring. Mountains are moved when we stop long enough. Floodgates burst open when we let our walls drop. Whatever the name of the wall is that falls […]

As we progress out of our school recess years, out of high school parties, and out of gathering in your dorm lounge in college, something changes. Reality is, many of these friends end up moving away. However, the alternate reality here is that we are told that in order to succeed, our focus must shift from living in community, to living in independence. As I’ve come to talk to so many of you, and even those in my immediate circle, what I’ve come to find is that people throughout all stages of their adult years continuously say one thing, “I don’t know how to make friends as an adult”.

It’s time, it’s time to engage in friendship again. Going first is probably one of the most frightening things you can do. What’s on the other side though, is worth every second of quivering. You are worth valuable friendships, you are capable of being an intentional friend, and you have the power to change a community through it all. We’re here cheering you on.

The Good Parts & The Skin Deep Removing the Masks & Connecting Through Our Scars “You are hard to get to know.” Someone told me. What do you mean, I not so kindly fought in my head. I LOVE people. I attend the parties & host them, surely its not someone like me you are […]

I went to Thailand for the first time, totally unaware of the injustice I was about to face, I would add. That oblivion was a gift though because surely I wouldn’t have gone if I knew what I was about to face. Why? Because my life in America did not yield that type of dialogue. […]

Have you ever I went to a hilltrible village and they asked “do you know how to make coffee” and I was like “excuse me, yes, I make it everyday.” It was when I stepped back I saw equipment that I have never seen with my own eyes, aroma and skill so foreign so intriguing […]

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