Fall is here! While I am finding I am in disbelief that summer is behind us, there is one thing that I can absolutely buy into…FULL TIME pumpkin spice obsession for the next 3 months. I have always been a bit extra when it comes to fall, I’m the first to admit it. I can […]

The Market is saturated with products labeled “dairy free.” We are often left as hosts with the question…”I know this works but, is it good?”. Recently, we developed a post of what we believe are the essentials when hosting a dairy free guest, the bread and “butter” if you will. That leaves us wondering though, […]

Do you ever get the feeling that you want a dessert that feels a little more special? I was getting ready to see friends for a summer bbq style night in, and knew I wanted something a little more than just a cookie. Wanting to enjoy the process of making something that served beautifully, and […]

Whether someone you know is buying their own home, moving into a new apartment, or joining a house with some roommates, moving to a new space is a big life milestone. While this situation isn’t one that directly affects us, when we take the time to celebrate it with those around us, it shows that […]

I remember when I first started to make cheese boards. I would create them, put them on the table and then think, “Hmm…This is a little too shabby and for sure not enough chic.” I felt that when I put my cheese boards on the table, they almost added more chaos to the spread than […]

Have you scrubbed your floors this week? No? HA, good cause… me neither! I have vivid memories of my Meme on her hands and knees scrubbing her floor inch to inch with a toothbrush. She tried hard to pass down the deep cleaning obsession to me. Sorry Meme, girlfriend loves detail but doesn’t have the […]

When we were in Thailand I could fill my entire house with flowers for $10. And I did, monthly! The flower markets were abundant, and filled with the most unique variety! The price allowed me some extra wiggle room to play around with colors and size. Since coming back to America I found that my […]

The holidays are quickly approaching and…so is the hustle and bustle. Here at Gather, we are always trying to lead you to a sense of calm, especially with your holiday preparation. We know that your kitchen will be filled with dishes and your home filled with guests so we want to inspire you with simple, […]

Get Ready First It’s VERY common for a host to think they should stay in grubby clothes while they’re getting ready in case they get splatters of homemade sauce on their new shirt or their favorite jeans. However, what if we put it this way instead? We’ve all been there when our friend shows up […]

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