Recipes and Menus

Recipes and Menus

We vow to only stand with brands that we personally use and those that have a standard of excellence. Les Trois Petits Cochons is one of those brands, bringing decadence and quality with their gourmet charcuterie meat and accompaniments! Below, you will find items we suggest purchasing from them to use on this board! If you order […]

The holidays are quickly approaching and…so is the hustle and bustle. Here at Gather, we are always trying to lead you to a sense of calm, especially with your holiday preparation. We know that your kitchen will be filled with dishes and your home filled with guests so we want to inspire you with simple, […]

Many of us find ourselves not knowing what to serve or we have a few thoughts of what to serve but don’t know how to bring it all together. We often ask ourselves questions like, ‘What goes with this?”, or “Where do I even begin?”. If you have asked yourself any of those questions, it’s possible that those very questions have kept you from gathering all together. It’s very possible that those very areas of uncertainty keep your table empty and your doors closed.

It matters because we want you to feel confident filling your tables. It matters because time around the table can change lives and food is the vehicle to do just that. We want to come alongside you as you start to look at where to even begin!

equipping hosts with the skills they need to 

open their doors and

fill their tables


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