Everyday Hospitality

Everyday Hospitality

Do you have fear of failure as a host?  Do you have fear of failure as a host? Many of us do, including myself. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common reasons that we collectively hold back from hospitality altogether. However, what would it look like to look at each fear screaming at us to […]

Have you scrubbed your floors this week? No? HA, good cause… me neither! I have vivid memories of my Meme on her hands and knees scrubbing her floor inch to inch with a toothbrush. She tried hard to pass down the deep cleaning obsession to me. Sorry Meme, girlfriend loves detail but doesn’t have the […]

Get Ready First It’s VERY common for a host to think they should stay in grubby clothes while they’re getting ready in case they get splatters of homemade sauce on their new shirt or their favorite jeans. However, what if we put it this way instead? We’ve all been there when our friend shows up […]

Even if you are like me, in full denial about the holidays approaching, they’re coming! There’s no doubt that this year will be just a bit different than years past. What if we told you that we could partner with your business, your community, or your family and host a holiday party you will never […]

What is an Everyday Gathering? They are the gatherings we have for celebrating everyday! The middle of the week pizza nights with friends, the happy hour at our place after work, the midweek celebration dinner, or the ‘just because’ hang-out. They are the gatherings we have with one another that deepen our relationships and a […]

Ambience. A word used almost exclusively for formal or romantic settings. Can you picture the very aspects of the ambience in those settings that set them apart? Typically, you will find music that whisks you away, “wow-worthy” decor, often designated “space”, and usually an overall delight for your senses. Why is it that ambience is […]

Many of us find ourselves not knowing what to serve or we have a few thoughts of what to serve but don’t know how to bring it all together. We often ask ourselves questions like, ‘What goes with this?”, or “Where do I even begin?”. If you have asked yourself any of those questions, it’s possible that those very questions have kept you from gathering all together. It’s very possible that those very areas of uncertainty keep your table empty and your doors closed.

It matters because we want you to feel confident filling your tables. It matters because time around the table can change lives and food is the vehicle to do just that. We want to come alongside you as you start to look at where to even begin!

You, I wish I knew your name. I know I don’t, and maybe never will. However, you and I have something in common you see. Something deep that connects us. A shared need.  Oh you. I feel like we’ve met. I know we haven’t and maybe we never will but I will fight for you. […]

To invite and to be invited are amongst the most radically transformative aspects of a culture.  I was bullied ruthlessly. I was the new girl 8 times in my school years and each school came with its own bully that rattled me. That tried to shake the very essence of who I was. That tried […]

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I was living in Thailand, longed for community, starting opening my door and filling my table. Now I’m living ‘charcuterie’ as a way of life and teaching what I learned about living intentionally everyday.


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