Everyday Hospitality

Everyday Hospitality

Invitation Induced Anxiety  Have you ever found yourself saying something like this as you received an invitation and prepared to go to an event hosted by someone else? “What am I supposed to wear?” “I’ll pack a snack just in case.” “Wait a second! THEY won’t be there, will they?”  I know I certainly have what […]

We had sliding glass doors on the front of our house. I walked out of the kitchen and caught a glimpse. There she was, one of my guests 20 minutes early! I took a quick look at the table, just to see everything piled up that I had hoped to top it with minutes later. […]

It all started when I baked a cheesecake with a big ol’ crack right down the middle. I was getting ready to pass it along as a contribution for a celebration and thought, “There is no way this crowd will let me get away with a crack in my cheesecake.” So I scoured the fridge […]

Whether someone you know is buying their own home, moving into a new apartment, or joining a house with some roommates, moving to a new space is a big life milestone. While this situation isn’t one that directly affects us, when we take the time to celebrate it with those around us, it shows that […]

Is your kitchen ready to decorate stunning cakes? You read that right! No matter how much you practice, or how much you know, having the right tools is more than half the battle when it comes to cake decorating! I started baking in a different way than you may think. I was living abroad at […]

I remember when I first started to make cheese boards. I would create them, put them on the table and then think, “Hmm…This is a little too shabby and for sure not enough chic.” I felt that when I put my cheese boards on the table, they almost added more chaos to the spread than […]

Over the course of my life, I have been a part of many gatherings that I didn’t host, but attended as a guest. Some have made me feel particularly welcome but others, probably without knowing so, have pushed me away. I’ve become an observer of these gatherings and noted what it was that caused that […]

Somehow, in our culture we have learned that it is unacceptable to ask or allow our guests to bring food to our gatherings. While we’re not telling you to bring your favorite potato salad to a formal gala, we will be sharing how to navigate this conversation in the context of everyday hospitality. In this […]

Do you have fear of failure as a host?  Do you have fear of failure as a host? Many of us do, including myself. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common reasons that we collectively hold back from hospitality altogether. However, what would it look like to look at each fear screaming at us to […]

Have you scrubbed your floors this week? No? HA, good cause… me neither! I have vivid memories of my Meme on her hands and knees scrubbing her floor inch to inch with a toothbrush. She tried hard to pass down the deep cleaning obsession to me. Sorry Meme, girlfriend loves detail but doesn’t have the […]

Get Ready First It’s VERY common for a host to think they should stay in grubby clothes while they’re getting ready in case they get splatters of homemade sauce on their new shirt or their favorite jeans. However, what if we put it this way instead? We’ve all been there when our friend shows up […]

You, I wish I knew your name. I know I don’t, and maybe never will. However, you and I have something in common you see. Something deep that connects us. A shared need.  Oh you. I feel like we’ve met. I know we haven’t and maybe we never will but I will fight for you. […]

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