Decor and DIY

Decor and DIY

Over the course of my life, I have been a part of many gatherings that I didn’t host, but attended as a guest. Some have made me feel particularly welcome but others, probably without knowing so, have pushed me away. I’ve become an observer of these gatherings and noted what it was that caused that […]

When we were in Thailand I could fill my entire house with flowers for $10. And I did, monthly! The flower markets were abundant, and filled with the most unique variety! The price allowed me some extra wiggle room to play around with colors and size. Since coming back to America I found that my […]

Recently I was talking to a friend who is preparing for her daughters 1st birthday celebration and she showed me a picture of floral hoops that she was hoping to order for the picture backdrop. We were looking at etsy to order them, and were surprised by the price they were being sold for. Here’s […]

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it's me, kayty!

I was living in Thailand, longed for community, starting opening my door and filling my table. Now I’m living ‘charcuterie’ as a way of life and teaching what I learned about living intentionally everyday.


equipping hosts with the skills they need to 

open their doors and

fill their tables


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