get your        meal time-planning guide!

get your        meal
time-planning guide!

We have a gift for you! 

Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling of not being able to get dinner on the table in time? How about not being able to spend time with your guests because cooking all your courses seems so chaotic?

This worksheet will help you plan backwards so that you know when to start, when you’ll finish and have the margin to embrace guests in the process! 

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Nothing says summer quite like berries and cream! Hot days call for light desserts and fresh fruit. In the thick of the season we are often busy, pulling together last minute BBQ’s and nothing is sweeter than a quality, decadent and beautiful no bake recipe! As someone who needs to eat gluten free and dairy […]

Is your kitchen ready to decorate stunning cakes? You read that right! No matter how much you practice, or how much you know, having the right tools is more than half the battle when it comes to cake decorating! I started baking in a different way than you may think. I was living abroad at […]

Mangia! Have you ever been to an Italians house for dinner? Chances are, if you did, you have some vivid memories! It’s likely that you have memories of the food they served and even they way the gathering is centered in the kitchen.  A few months ago I connected with Dina on Instagram. We connected […]

After Kayty attended a recent comedy show with John Crist & Mike Goodwin she realized a few things 1. How refreshingly clean the show was 2. That they both referenced the connection between how the deepest pain often births the best comedy. After laughing her way through the entire show she knew she needed to […]

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I was living in Thailand, longed for community, starting opening my door and filling my table. Now I’m living ‘charcuterie’ as a way of life and teaching what I learned about living intentionally everyday.


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